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Client Testimonials

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note. I know I haven't had a lesson with you in awhile, but the instruction you provided has kept my game very consistent. I had a chance to play Pebble Beach last week and I had a great round. Talk about taking advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. While I didn't shoot as low as I wanted, I maximized the short game lessons you taught me. I one-putted 8 greens to save a lot of pars and had 2 birdies during the round, including a birdie on the famous #6 hole. Finally, I played #18 great using your game management tips. I wasn't intimidated by the tee shot over the rocks on the left side and split the fairway, then kept my ego in check by hitting a good layup shot to guard against a big number to finish the day. It was a fabulous day to say the least and I owe a lot of it to the lessons that changed my game for the better. My handicap has lowered 3 points down to an 11 over the past year and I couldn't be happier with my game."
- Rick Sacbibit

"I have seen a tremendous improvement in my game since coming to RGA especially in Ball-striking and consistency.  Cliff has helped me understand the fundamentals of a swing and how variations affect the ball flight and accuracy and that has been very important to my improvement process.  The ability to see visually what I'm doing wrong coupled with explanation and drills, has really sped up the learning process."
- Ben

"As a new customer I am very impressed overall with Raspberry Golf Academy.  My objectives are to find consistency in my golf swing that will lead to more greens hit from the fairway and a more solid short game.  Thanks to my instructor Cliff Hollingsworth, I am off to a great start.  Using excellent video recordings of my swings, Cliff has been able to break down what is positive and where I need to make some changes for improvement.  The most significant impression I have of Cliff is that...he listens to me.  He keeps things simple and focused.  He recaps with me at the end of each lesson the key take-a-ways so that I am clear on how to proceed next.  Cliff's measured approach to building little by little has produced results.  I anticipate that as the season goes on my scores will continue to improve."
- Jim Sporn.

"I want to take the time to thank Dave Barton with the Raspberry Golf Academy for helping me with my short game and putting. His professionalism, experience and enthusiasm is contagious and second to none.  Since being fitted for wedges and taking lessons I have lowered my handicap 2 strokes in just 2 months, something I have not been able to do on my own for several years.  If you’re frustrated, overwhelmed and unsure where to start……then your first step is with Raspberry Golf Academy."
- Dr. R. Weinberg

"I am a begging student who started the game of golf at the age of 59.  My overall experience with Raspberry Golf Academy is great.  I really like the facility and my instructor.  The technology used in their studio is a great way to see my faults.  My training has enabled me to go from a beginning score of 132 to a career best of 110.  My instructor, Dave Barton helped me develop a swing starting from the ground and step by step. I was impressed with his patience as he kept me moving forward with each lesson.  He gave me just enough info to keep me focused and not overwhelm me week after week.  I recommend Raspberry to anyone who wants to improve their game."
- Larry Parnelle

"Raspberry Golf Academy is a great place to improve your game.  Mr. Dave Barton, my son's instructor, has helped him take more than 10 strokes off of his handicap in less than a year. Mr. Barton continues to motivate and challenge my son to be the best golfer he can be. The staff is courteous, helpful, well-trained, and has the latest tools to assist any golfer who wants to shoot a better number and have more fun on the links. I highly recommend Raspberry Golf Academy."
- Chuck

"Off and on over the years I've taken a single lesson here or there, but never truly dedicated myself to working with an instructor to include dedicating the time into actually doing the recommended drills.  Furthermore, the instructors I used were folks at driving ranges or similar facilities--not a professional cadre associated with a top end golf academy.  I've looked at the history of my scores over the last four months since coming to the Academy.  Back in March of this year I was shooting in the mid- to high-90's.  Once I began working with my instructor Doug Cedeno and through daily practice, there has been a steady decline in my scores to a point where now I've shot in the mid- to low-80s in my last seven times out.  I attribute this to your experience and insights as well as your "effortless" golf swing.  I'm getting anywhere from 15-20 yards greater distance and much more accuracy.  I'm swinging better now at 58 than I ever did at 30.  I only wish that we had linked up 20 some years ago.  I want to thank you for the time and effort you've given to improving my golf.  It has really made playing much more enjoyable--more than you can imagine."
- Mark

"Overall, I was very pleased with what I've learned and will be back for more soon.  Thanks again for remaking my swing.  I'm sure with a little more work, I can keep scoring those 39s and 40s."
- Charles Carnes

"OMG!!!  This was the round of the decade.  I was hitting it huge off the tee and the back nine was sick with two birdies.  Missed the birdie putt on 18 that would've been a round of 79."
- Bill Knight

"I played 18 yesterday - a social round with an old friend.  CRUSHED the ball off the tee - knuckles down.  Loved the right to left ball flight and the roll out.  Still could trust it a little more.  Playing beforewas sort of a grind and now I am having fun again.  Playing the blues on Norman and had wedges into a lot of Par  4s.  Almost drove 14 for goodness sake.  A little wind aired, but drove it 300 yards on 15.  Haven't done that in a long, long time."
- Stephen Coakley

"Pat, I want to thank you for your teaching skills yesterday.  We all want to be encouraged and complemented when we do our work well, and you did yours well yesterday.  Your skills at the short game are unparalleled and your ability to communicate what you know are greatly appreciated.  Your understanding of the golf swing and necessary cures are also unique and insightful.  You deserve credit and appreciation for all of that. I also encourage you to maintain the good positive attitude and humor you bring to the golf lesson.  You place your student above yourself. When you have a student who is truly committed to the game, but nevertheless falls short despite the tremendous effort expended, a good positive attitude by the teacher is the right thing. Indeed, it is imperative."
- Thomas Sjoblom