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Instruction Team

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Caleb Fletcher

Caleb Fletcher

Staff Instructor • (703) 303-7748 • Email

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Philosophy: I believe in fully evaluating a student's golf game through measurements and testing.  Based on a player’s baseline statistics and natural athleticism, we work together on a process to fix swing flaws and improve skills.

Biography: I grew up playing hockey.  After one year of NCAA Division I Hockey, I suffered a knee injury.  That summer I started working at a golf course and never looked back. Like most of you, I was hooked to the challenges of golf and put in countless hours to become a scratch golfer. I have been working in the golf industry since 2010. I was apprenticed under the Director of Raspberry Golf Academy Patrick McGuire for two years learning all the game has to offer.

Rates:  Contact Caleb at fletchercaleb@yahoo.com or 703-303-7748.

Cliff Hollingsworth

Cliff Hollingsworth

Senior Staff Instructor • (703) 341-9956 • Email

Book Online @ Bull RunBook Online @ Raspberry Falls

Philosophy: "Simplicity of Motion"  I believe my students see the most improvements when I train them to use the body to swing the club in an athletic motion.  This is the most repeatable form.  Science and technology can measure how the body is designed to perform the golf swing efficiently.  Using my knowledge of the golf swing, cutting edge technology and a trained eye, I effectively communicate this to help my students reach their goals.

Golf Influences: Books: Jack Nicklaus, Golf My Way; Nick Bradley, The 7 Laws of the Golf Swing; Nick Faldo, A Swing for Life; Tiger Woods, How I Swing the Golf Club
People:  Pat McGuire, PGA, Owner/Director of Instruction - Raspberry Golf Academy, Robert Evans, PGA Golf Instructor, Tour Rep. Bobby Grace Putters, Master Club Tech. Max Claiborne,  Master Club Technician Brian Hollingsworth, brother (started me playing the game)

Skills/Training and Certifications:

  • Zelocity Launch Monitor Fitting System
  • Swing View Pro Video Software
  • Taylor Made Matt Launch Monitor Fitting Systems
  • Ping N-Flight Fitting Software
  • 3-D Motion Capture and Analysis Software
  • Certified Club Fitter for Titleist/Cobra, Ping, Taylor Made, Mizuno
  • Titleist Staff Member 2009
  • Trained in Bio-Mechanics (Physical Body in Motion)
  • Trained in Kinematic Link of Golf Swing (Sequence of Motion)
  • Trained in Body Screening (Mobility, Flexibility and Stability)

David Mackenzie

David Mackenzie

Staff Instructor • (571) 641-9687 • Email

Book Online @ Virginia Golf Center

David MacKenzie has been coaching golfers of all ages and levels from beginner to Tour pro for more than 15 years.

Originally from England, David attended the University of St. Andrews in Scotland where he competed on the golf team. Since then, David has dedicated himself to developing a holistic approach to golf coaching which includes the physical, technical, mental and emotional aspects of the game.

His philosophy on the golf swing is simple yet effective. His students learn how to build confidence in their game through:

  • Simple swing thoughts
  • A solid pre-shot routine
  • Visualization and feel
  • Mental and Emotional control
  • Course strategy
  • Effective practice

In addition to teaching at Virginia Golf Center, David runs his golf coaching website, Golf State of Mind (www.golfstateofmind.com). He has also written several books about how to implement his unique approach to the game.

Lesson rates:

One hour = $150
3 x 1 hour = $400
5 x 1 hour = $600
10 x 1 hour = $1125

9 Hole Playing Lesson: $400

Fernando Martinez

Fernando Martinez

Senior Staff Instructor • 703-624-8389 • Email

Book Online @ Virginia Golf Center

PGA Member since 2003.

Meet the Pro:  Fernando Martinez has been a top instructor in the Northern Virginia area since 1997. His work as an instructor began with certification at the Nicklaus Academy. He worked two years with the Nicklaus Academy before transferring to Mid-Atlantic Golf in Alexandria. His most recent post was Director of Instruction at Top Golf.

In the past seventeen years Fernando has given literally thousands of golf lessons. He has taught several club champions, a number of Juniors that went on to get golf scholarships and numerous students that went from high 90's to low 70's in an extremely short time frame.

Fernando started playing golf at age 31 and turned PRO in seven years. He has developed extensive knowledge of the golf swing, club fitting and Biomechanics. He is Golf Fitness Certified and fully understands physical limitations in golf. The key factor that has helped Fernando achieve at a high level has been his study of Biomechanics and how to simplify the golf swing by removing all excess moving parts.

• Number one instructor at Mid-Atlantic Golf and Top Golf in Alexandria.
• Selected from hundreds of applicants to head Nicklaus Academy as Lead Instructor/Director of Instruction for the Presidential Golf Club.
• Fernando is married and is the father of two beautiful girls.

Swing Philosophy:
Every golfer should understand their swing, their physical abilities and improve by applying a repeatable movement. The golf swing is really one movement, extremely similar to throwing a ball, hitting a baseball and utilizing bigger muscle parts to control the movement of the golf club. It begins with the proper set up, then understanding a clear intent in pre-swing thoughts and limiting in-swing thoughts. When golfers clear their minds from a hit mentality to a pendulum swing of the golf club magical things happen. It is not necessary to change people's current swing, but to add the proper use of the body from the ground up.

Influenced by:  Butch Harmon, David Leadbetter, Jim McLean, Bob Rotella, countless PGA Teaching Summits, Countless Books, and spending hours with Touring Professionals at Avenel.

"Fernando Martinez was the one of the best instructors to help me become the golfer I am today. When we would work on positions and different elements of the game, we would work on them as one. If something didn’t feel right, we fixed together. The bond I grew with him was one of the best friendships I will ever have. If something wasn’t feeling right, he would always find time to take a look at what was going on. Fernando Martinez is a great teacher of the game of golf, and one of the best feel coaches for the game out there." - Adam Tuttle, Randolph Macon Collegue

“My son and I both took lessons from Fernando. I have one complaint about his work. My son went out afterward and hit a 370 yard drive in the air (wet ground, no roll) which is longer by at least 40 yards than anything I have ever hit in my life. He is now hooked on golf and I may never be able to beat him again. I plan to come and take more lessons to make up some ground from the best instructor, bar none, that I have ever had in golf instruction.” - Richard

“My husband gave me a series of five golf lessons with Fernando for my birthday. What a terrific present! I am hitting the ball longer, straighter and feel more confident. My game has noticeably improved.” - Lois D. Alexandria, VA

“Fernando helps me to understand the mechanics of golf swing and to relax. As a result, I am hitting the balls consistently longer and straighter.” - KP, Springfield, VA

“For two years I watched Fernando work with young and old, male and female, beginners and accomplished golfers. I then decided to take my first lesson and after only my first lesson wished I had not wasted those two years! Although I have moved from Virginia I still rely on his advice and when back in the area try to catch up with him.” - Tom C., Tennessee

“My first choice for golf instruction is Fernando Martinez. Whether a beginner or an experienced player looking to address specific club and swing issues, Fernando is the professional to call.” - Gary M. Alexandria, VA

“After a 40- year layoff, I needed to get the basics right this time. Fernando has been the perfect tutor to identify old bad habits and reset my mechanics and techniques. I am well along the way to a satisfying golfing experience.” - Bill C., Alexandria, VA

“I was very hesitant in taking golf lessons but I’m glad I did. Even though I only spent a few hours under his instruction- I know that I am a better golfer after learning from Fernando. Fernando is a true professional who understands the game. I would recommend him to family and friends for golf lessons. I look forward to seeing him on the golf course.” - Jose Garza, Alexandria, VA

“Fernando did an amazing job working with my teenage daughter and I. He clearly knows the intricacies of golf which is very helpful. But his greatest skill is his ability to enable his students, at all levels, to perform well on the course and appreciate the mechanics of the sport.” - Kate and Mike Z., Alexandria, VA

“Until I took lessons from Fernando, I was hopelessly trying to play golf without any success. Fernando started with the fundamentals and taught me how to develop my swing. As a professional, he knows the game which he masterfully applies to his instruction. Taking lessons from Fernando enabled me to improve my game, raise my confidence, and lower my handicap. I now have a chance to finish in 80s (as opposed to over 120s a few months ago!). I strongly recommend Fernando to anyone, regardless of skill level.”

Hyung Cho

Hyung Cho

Senior Staff Instructor • (703) 966-7816 • Email

Book Online @ Virginia Golf Center

Bio Coming Soon

John Miller

John Miller

Director of Instruction, Raspberry Golf Academy • (571) 269-3011 • Email

Book Online @ Raspberry Falls

Book Online @ Virginia Golf Center

Josh Apple

Josh Apple

Raspberry Golf Academy Coach of the Year!

Director of Instruction • (614) 804-8449 • Email

Book Online @ Raspberry Falls Book Online @ Virginia Golf Center

I am a PGA Member, Director of Instruction and Certified Performance Coach with the Raspberry Golf Academy. As a true performance coach, I evaluate and improve all pillars of golf performance: full swing, short game, putting, course management, process, mental, fitness, nutrition and more.

I was recognized by my peers as the 2020 Raspberry Golf Academy Coach of the Year.

My approach to golf instruction is taking what each person does naturally and making it better. No two people are the same mentally or physically, so no two people should have the same lesson. I want to optimize each person's unique abilities. I also believe that golfers do not need to get worse before they get better. I want you to leave better than you came after each lesson.

As a TPI Certified instructor for golf fitness, I place a high value on physical health and the body. I connect nearly all of my full swing teaching to exercises that can be done both with and without a golf club.

I played golf professionally full time before making the transition to coaching in 2016. As a student of the Raspberry Golf Academy myself as a player since it opened in 2007, coming on board as an instructor was a smooth transition. I spent one year as an apprentice with the Academy, learning under directors Patrick McGuire, John Miller, and Sang Hwang. Through my training, I have become an expert on quickly identifying what a player needs to work on and how to work on it.

Before playing professionally, I played Division I golf at George Mason University and later served as an Assistant Coach for George Mason, and have also served as an Assistant Coach for Centreville High School and Chantilly High School.

I also currently serve as the Instruction Editor of the Virginia Golfer Magazine, the official magazine of the Virginia State Golf Association (VSGA).

With my extensive playing and coaching background, I enjoy helping golfers get to the next level. I am eager to share my knowledge and to improve each person that walks in the door, whether a beginner, intermediate, or elite player.

• PGA Class A Member
• TPI Certified- Golf Fitness
• Raspberry Golf Academy Certified Performance Coach
• 2020 Raspberry Golf Academy Coach of the Year

• Assistant Coach George Mason University
• Assistant Coach Centreville High School
• Assistant Coach Chantilly High School

Playing Background:
• Four-year starter at George Mason University, was first or second in scoring average every semester in school (2008-12)
• Over three years full time on the mini tours, primarily the eGolf Pro Tour in North Carolina and the Gateway Pro Tour in Arizona (2012-16)
• Reached Second Stage of Web.com Q-School twice in two attempts, played in PGA Canada Q-School
• Played in the 2012 U.S. Amateur at Cherry Hills
• 2019 Assistant Pro Association Player of the Year
• Low tournament round: 63 (-9)
• Low professional tournament round: 64 (-8)

Adult Lesson Prices:
• 1 hour - $150
• 3 hours - $375
• 5 hours - $575
• 10 hours - $1000

Junior Lesson Prices (18 and under):
• 1 hour - $100
• 5 hours - $450
• 10 hours - $800

Video Tips Pro Series

Lisa Deel

Lisa Deel

Senior Staff Instructor • (703) 606-6065 • Email

Book Online @ Bull RunBook Online @ Raspberry Falls


  • All golfers are unique in their abilities, experiences, goals and understandings of the golf swing
  • A lesson can and should be tailored to each students needs using various teaching models and drills
  • By developing a better understanding of the “whys” and “what’s” of the golf swing, the student develops a better sense of the swing feel and the ability to take the improvement from the lesson tee to the golf course.
  • The Golf Swing:  Understand it….. Improve it…..Enjoy it…!!

Skills and Training:

  • Certified club fitter for Cobra, Titleist, PING manufactures.
  • Vector launch monitor, Swing View Pro, LPGA National Education Programs I & II
  • Club Champion: River Creek CC Leesburg, VA. Belmont CC  Ashburn, VA
  • Best Golf Round: 70- Belmont CC
  • Holes-in –One: 2


  • "Lisa is the single best coach with whom I have had the pleasure of working over a lifetime of playing sports and I recommend Lisa to anyone, at any level, looking to improve his/her game.  She is dedicated, highly creative in finding ways to help her students use their own athletic abilities to become better golfers and designs drills that work without requiring an overwhelming amount of time on the range.  Results speak louder than words so... I was a 14.9 when I took my first lesson in late March, a 10.7 by June 1st and would be a 9.8 if my index was calculated today, six weeks after my last lesson with Lisa in early July..."  -- Ralph B.
  • "I just wanted to tell you that after my lesson today, I played 9 holes at my course and I did extremely well!  I was even hitting my driver over 150 yds." - Hannah , Jr. Golfer
  • "I applied some of the lessons from yesterday to the putting green and suddenly I felt like Tiger Woods.  I was able to stay true to the new swing keys throughout the round and I have growing confidence that it's going to make a dramatic difference" - Dave A.
  • "Lisa, thanks for everything this year.  You really helped my game... more than anyone else ever has." - George B.
  • "Thank you for all your help with my game.  I did win my
  • flight of the WGA "Match Play" thi year, and won my flight of the "Club Championship".  Yeah, all thanks to you!!" - Karen F.
  • "You are a part of our golf family so I want you to hear this from me.  this is why I brag about Raspberry Falls and Golf Academy to people.  You guys are good and are terrific with the kids. " - Tom F.

Patrick McGuire

Patrick McGuire

Director, Raspberry Golf Academy • (703) 930-7299 • Email

Book Online @ Raspberry Falls • Book Online @ Virginia Golf Center

Philosophy: Test, measure, then fix!  Put everything through the process and create better ways for people to learn, practice and enjoy the game.

Areas of Expertise: Biomechanics, modern and classic swings, swing theory, kinesiology, 3-dimensional swing mechanics, 2-dimensional video, fitness for golf, flexibility, mobility, stability, swing correction, short game, putting, course management, ball flight, shot shaping, club fitting and the power game.

Biography: Patrick’s entrance to golf began under his college golf coach, the mid-Atlantic education chair Rick Miller. After a two-year apprenticeship under Rick, Patrick began his education, development and career in teaching and retail sales. Patrick was able to work with and under 5 top 100 instructors and for the second largest golf school in the country. Patrick has co-owned a retail business and is the founder of the Raspberry Golf Academy, which currently operates out of seven locations in two states.

Patrick joined the Raspberry Golf Management team in the 2008 season with the introduction of the Raspberry Golf Academy, which has become the premier teaching and training brand in the metro Area. RGA is an innovative revenue stream for facilities operated by RGM.

Lesson packages require an initial evaluation.  To schedule an evaluation appointment, email patrick@raspberrygolfacademy.com.

Lesson Prices for Patrick McGuire:
1 hour - $175
5 hours - $750
10 hours - $1125

Robyn James

Robyn James

Senior Staff Instructor • 571-266-1182 • Email

I first learned to play golf when I was 10 years old, and my first teacher was my father, but then I put my clubs down to ride horses and run track. Fast forward to college when I came home on Spring break, played again with my dad,I fell in love with the sport all over again! For the next 10 years I played off and on when I could, but, I was a cubicle dweller and didn’t have much time to work on my game.  As fate would have it, the recession came along in 2007-2008 and I was laid off with so many other people across the country. It turned out to be the best thing to happen to me! I was restless and not happy in the midst of the rat race. The recession gave me the chance to sit down and figure out what I wanted to do and the answer was golf! I moved back home, took a few ‘odd jobs’ and worked on my game 6 days a week for almost 4 years! I combined fitness, strength training, lessons and countless hours of practice and repetition to improve my game. I was terrible for a long time. My dream was to become an LPGA Professional but I needed the game to match. I worked my way down from a handicap that was “off-the-charts-high” to a 2!  In 2013 I moved to Northern Virginia, still following my golf dreams. Life is just like golf; there are hazards, bad breaks from good shots, incredible lows and then you sink that long putt or chip in for birdie and you are back in it!  I completed all of the requirements to get my LPGA Teaching card in 2016.  My journey wasn’t done there though.

Now as a LPGA T&CP I am a scratch golfer. I know what it takes to make the necessary improvements to shave the strokes off of your game. What are your goals? What are your personal victories that you are looking to achieve on the course? I can help you find your personal best. Whether it is hitting the ball for the first time or it is shooting under par, let me help you improve your game, and take the next steps in your golf journey.

As part of The Raspberry Golf Academy Family I will be focused on The Birdie Belief Project, LPGA Girls Golf and Rounds With Robyn. These programs are designed to start, engage and retain women and girls into the game of golf! For more information on these programs please visit www.thebirdiebeliefproject.com or www.roundswithrobyn.com

Happy Golfing!

Sang Hwang

Sang Hwang

Director of Student Development • (561) 317-6150 • Email

Book Online @ Bull RunBook Online @ Raspberry Falls

Originally from the Northern Virginia area, Sang was a First Assistant at Fauquier Springs Country Club in the late 1990s.  After getting married at Raspberry Farms in Leesburg, he and his wife Mary moved to South Florida in 1999 where he played in several mini-tour events.  Over the last 12 years, he became a father of two and has turned his focus more towards teaching golf and growing the game.  As one of the senior instructors at BallenIsles Country Club, a top 100 private club in the country, Sang has been teaching and developing juniors, beginners, accomplished juniors, and touring professionals at BallenIsles Country Club.Along with his playing skills where Sang has earned several top 10 finishes in the South Florida mini tours, he has developed several accomplished juniors who are now ranked in the AJGA.  He has sculpted beginner junior golfers into nationally ranked golfers who have received college scholarships.  Last year, Sang assisted in helping one of his students become the 2011 Florida High School Golf Champion!  He has also recently been awarded the 2011 U.S. Kids Top 50 Teachers Honorable Mention.  Sang has worked with touring professionals who made it to third stage Qualifying School for the LPGA.  He also worked with Bruce Fleisher, a Senior PGA Tour Player and a 2001 U.S. Senior Open Champion and his grandson Jake.  His client base at Ballenisles includes hundreds of repeat and satisfied members and non-members from beginners to advance.

My Emphasis: I like to emphasize a certain principle that’s been very effective for me.  Pre-swing preparation is the secret to success.  My feeling is you can’t play great golf without one.  I believe in learning the swing with the impact position first and achieving balance throughout the swing is the key to success in the golf swing.  Integrating mental, physical, technical, and course management principles into my instruction to all students has made me unique and popular with all level of students.  Short game improvement is the key to lowering your score.

Quick recognition on what area of the student’s golf swing to work on is another skill I have developed with the 18 plus years of experience I have under my belt.  Over the course of studying how the body works biomechanically, physiologically, and kinesthetically, I have been able to create a language within traditional teaching methodology that I believe sets my instruction apart.   I am a great believer in the use of technology.  Over the last ten years, using the JC Video Swing Analysis System or Swing View Pro, has helped me and the student reinforce and aid the learning process.  I recognize that everyone isn’t made the same, and I am always looking to be more creative in getting the message to the student.  Creativity is the key in coming up with anything that will grab a student’s attention.

Most importantly, I believe in motivating my students to achieve by being passionate about what I do and letting them know that I care.  As an instructor I recognized early on that you should never stop learning.  Just like the game of golf, teaching is a never-ending journey.  The more you know the better. Never stop asking questions to people who you respect.  Breakthroughs with great ideas come from an open mind.

Skills & Expertise: I use the latest technology to make sure you are getting the most out of your equipment and instruction. With my expertise in using the Swing View Pro and JC Video Swing Analysis System, I can concentrate on specific areas of your swing to properly diagnose, analyze, and help meet your golfing goals.  In addition, Flight scope Launch Monitor will be used to determine if you are using the clubs that are right for you.

 Swing View Pro Video Software, JC Video Swing Analysis System, Flight Scope Launch Monitor, Club Fitter for Ping, Titleist, Callaway, 2012 SFPGA Teaching Seminar.

Principles & Methods:

  • My goal to my students is to provide consistency by emphasizing certain principles of golf instruction.
  • Consistency in the result of compatible movement
  • Pre-swing preparation is the secret to success (90% of in-swing errors are the effect of incorrect pre-swing)
  • Repeatable Pre-shot Routine
  • The clubface must be square at impact
  • The spine and shoulder must be neutral throughout the entire motion;  develop a swing motion vs a hitting motion
  • Shaft must be forwarded leaned at impact
  • Left wrist flat
  • Dynamic Impact
  • Short game improvement
  • Play the game
  • Understanding “Self”
  • 3 secrets to improving your score
  • Enjoyment
  • Creating better emotional control
  • Understanding Rhythm and Tempo
  • Recognize and create correct muscular tension for optimum consistency


“It is my honor to write this recommendation letter for Sang Hwang, my Assistant Golf Professional, at BallenIsles Country Club. Sang is what I would consider an “unsung hero” in the junior golf world. I have spent the past year assessing the current status of our golf programs in order to take us from being good to outstanding and award winning. One area that was already excellent was our junior golf program and its instructors. Sang is our junior golf leader and is very well respected by our membership for what he does for beginner, immediate, and advanced juniors. His positive attitude, smile, and big heart are what make the juniors want to be around Sang all of the time. Sang has created beginner junior golfers, into nationally ranked golfers who have received college scholarships as a result of being coached by Sang. There is one event that has really elevated Sang’s status in the junior golf world. This summer, I sat down with Sang and the other golf professionals in order to brainstorm ways that we could grow the game and give back to juniors. We came up with what we called the BallenIsles Junior Cup. In six quick weeks, Sang utilized his personal contacts that he coached and put together 24 local elite junior players to play in a two-day Ryder Cup style format event. We were able to receive a full sponsorship by Cleveland Golf in which all participants received a golf bag, shirts, hats, golf balls, back pack, and Cleveland 588 wedge complimentary! The event quickly became nationally recognized in magazines, local TV programs, You Tube, and the BallenIsles Junior Cup photo was event shown in New York City on one of the largest flat screen TV’s in the world! We could not have pulled off this event without Sang!”

– Brian Kelley, PGA

“I take great pleasure in highly recommending Sang as a wonderful ambassador for golf to the many youngsters he has taught and mentored during the 10+ years I have known him.  He has organized and managed a very successful, comprehensive junior golf program at my club, BallenIsles Country Club, and it is one of the most popular activities here for children and grandchildren of the membership. The program accommodates children of all ages and levels of experience.  Their lessons, clinics and the tournaments he organizes cover not only the skills necessary to play the game of golf but also emphasize proper golf etiquette and safety, respect for the game and care of the golf course.   He is very experienced in the use of computer and video equipment when appropriate to use. Sang’s approach to teaching golf skills to youngsters is quite successful as evidenced by the results I have observed.   My two grandsons began lessons with Sang at ages four and five respectively, and they have both developed golf abilities much beyond what I would have initially anticipated.   Most important is the fact that Sang makes their lessons and clinics fun and enjoyable.  I have witnessed the same when Sang has interacted with and taught other children and their parents and grandparents with whom I have spoken have nothing but the best to say about him. I have also observed Sang with older children, and his approach with them is, of course, at a more mature level.  Some of them have progressed to the extent that careers in golf would seem quite likely. It is my opinion that you could not select a finer teaching instructor.”

– Vaughn Cohan, M.D.

“I would like to personally thank you again for the opportunity to come and play in the Junior Cup.  I loved my experience and the atmosphere there.  Definitely a memory I will not forget.  Also I would love to come down sometime this week and get videoed by you and have you evaluate my game if you are still willing!”

– Richard Donegan

Richard Donegan recently became the 2011 Florida High School Golf Champion!  Richard shot a 3-under-par 69 at the Mission Inn Resort & Club on Wednesday, November 3, 2011.  He finished even-par 144 at the two-day tournament.

Tim Ganse

Tim Ganse

Senior Staff Instructor • 1-304-240-8740 • Email

Book Online @ Bull Run

Improve your golf game at Bull Run Golf Club with Certified Raspberry Golf Academy Coach Tim Ganse!

"It is imperative that you learn the whole game of golf and not just the golf swing if you really want to lower your score."

Tim’s Philosophy: I want to provide an environment where a student can be comfortable and learn to the best of their abilities. It is important to develop a game plan together based on the student's goals and objectives that will increase confidence and accelerate the learning process. Everyone is built in different shapes and sizes. A player should swing a club the way his/her body type was meant to swing it. We can make that happen.

• 15 Years of Teaching Experience
• 6 Years – Certified Raspberry Golf Academy Coach
• 1 Year - Teaching Professional - Woody's Golf Range
• 7 Years - Assistant Golf Professional, Winchester Country Club

 About PGA Tour Pros: "I love watching them play golf. They always make me want to grab my clubs and go play."

Golf Influences: Tommy Wine PGA, Patrick McGuire, Rick Miller PGA, Scott Causby, Woody Fitzhugh PGA “Hall of Fame”

  • Mike Adams, T.J. Tomasii, Ph.D., Jim Suttie - "The Laws of the Golf Swing"
  • David Leadbetter - "The Golf Swing"
  • Gary Wiren - "PGA Teaching Manual"


  • 5th - 2010 Poolesville Pro-Am
  • T5 - 2010 Hall of Fame Pro-Am
  • 10th - 2010 Apple Blossom Pro-Am
  • 12th - 2010 MAPGA Charity Pro-Am
  • Low Round Tournamenet - 70
  • Low Round - 66
  • Double Eagles - 1

Golf Training & Skills:

  • PGA Professional Golf Management Program
  • V-1 Video Analysis
  • Vector Pro-Launch and Accusport Launch Monitors
  • PING N-Flight Fitting Software
  • Certified PING Club Fitter, 2010
  • Certified Titleist/Cobra Club Fitter, 2009
  • Titleist/Cobra Fitting Seminar, 2008
  • CPR/First Aid/AED Certified, 2007
  • USGA/PGA Rules Workshop, 2006
  • VSGA Rules of Golf Study, 2006-2007


1 hour-$125
3 hours-$325
5 hours-$500
8 hours-$725

Juniors 13 & under
1 hour-$75
5 hour-$325

Troy Reynolds

Troy Reynolds

Staff Instructor • (571) 235-8612 • Email

Philosophy: I believe people play golf for fun.  Fun for you may be making a run at your club or state championship or it may be hanging with friends on a Sunday afternoon. There are about as many reasons for taking golf lessons as there are different types of swings.  I will take into consideration your motivation for seeking lessons as well your body’s capabilities when developing your instructional plan.


  • 27-Years Playing Golf/13 Years in Golf Business
  • Assistant Golf Professional, Shenandoah Valley Golf Club
  • Assistant Golf Professional, Raspberry Falls Golf and Hunt Club
  • Head Golf Professional, Old Hickory Golf Club

Golf Influences:

  • All the PGA professionals that I’ve had the pleasure to work with that always encouraged me to reach my potential. 
  • Harvey Pennick – The little red and Green Book. 
  • Gary Wiren – PGA Teaching Manual

Achievements & Training:

  • Elected to PGA Membership 2008
  • Certified Titleist Club Fitter
  • President, MAPGA Assistant Professional Association
  • Qualified for 2 Independence (Ryder) Cup teams for MAPGA-APA, Elected to 3

Varden Dyer

Varden Dyer

Senior Staff Instructor • (703) 476-4666 • Email

Book Online @ Virginia Golf Center

Bio Coming Soon

Woo Soo Park

Woo Soo Park

Senior Staff Instructor • (703) 946-8894 • Email

Book Online @ Virginia Golf Center

Bio Coming Soon

Neil Colton

Staff Instructor • 703-965-9417 • Email

Book Online @ Virginia Golf Center

I direct the Operation 36 Program for The Raspberry Golf Academy at The Virginia Golf Center in Clifton, VA. Golf and teaching have been an important part of my life since I first shadowed my father during his morning rounds at his club near Leesburg, VA. As a professional photographer, I was a lead instructor for a nationally recognized, award winning photography workshop and tour program in Washington, DC.

As a golf instructor, I have worked with Junior Club Champions in multiple age groups, Local and Regional Qualifiers in the National Drive, Chip & Putt competitions and high school players in top programs. I have also helped many adult players break 100, 90 and even 80 through golf instruction and confidence building.

I especially enjoy working with beginning golfers to help them establish a strong foundation for the game. I believe the mental side of the game is a key to playing successful golf, where success is measured by playing well and enjoying this beautiful game we love.
In addition to USGTF, US Kids and Positive Coaching Alliance Certifications as a Golf Teaching Professional, I hold a USSF National 'A' Youth Soccer License and a Dutch Coaching Certificate, among others. I have more than 25 years of player development experience.


"I had been struggling to unlearn bad swing habits from baseball, and Neil's help was instrumental in helping me figure out how to strike the ball more consistently. His patient approach gave me space to test things out. I also got very good practical tips on how to improve."   Alex D. ~ Student

"Neil has coached my son for nearly 10 years. He is more than just an instructor. He is a mentor, a guide and a life coach. He has guided my son through numerous tournaments, a Junior Club Championship, a Regional Qualifier in the National Drive, Chip & Putt Championships and, this year, to a starting spot on his high school golf team as a Freshman. He is now on track to a college golf career, thanks to Neil."   Erin W. ~ Parent