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Operation 36

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Get into golf with our Operation 36 programming at Virginia Golf Center

Learning to play golf can be an overwhelming and frustrating experience if you don't have a clear plan. Operation 36 provides beginners with the most effective developmental programs and technology to learn to play golf. Become a skilled golfer by following a motivating roadmap to shooting Par (36) or better for 9 holes!


The Operation 36 Golf Development Model-How It Works

 Play 9 Holes With Op 36

 Learn to play golf or develop your skills even further using the Operation 36 on-course divisions. Designed to allow you to work on the skills needed to pass each division.

Learn & Develop Skills

Attend our weekly fun and engaging classes with our supportive professional staff. Each week we will work on a new skill that will help you pass your on-course divisions and become a life-long golfer!

Train & Track Your Progress

Every participant and family gets access to the Op 36 Golf app. This will allow you to log when you play and train, stay connected with our staff, and become a part of our community.

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To learn more about Operation 36, contact Neil Colton at neil@neilcoltongolf.com.

Student Testimonial: "I was introduced to Neil who was the golf instructor for the Operation 36 (Op36) Program at VGC in 2023. I had taken group golf classes several years ago but never felt like I learned enough to get out on the course. I have competitively played several sports and mastered the skills rather quickly but was thinking golf was maybe not a sport for me. When I did get out on the course I would get discouraged with my play and found myself making excuses to not play.

Signing up for Op36 was going to be my last go at giving golf a try. I found Neil's approach to teaching golf was not a one-size-fits-all like I had experienced at prior golf group lessons. He took the time to get to know his students and their strengths and how to use those skills to correct and improve skills. I didn't always get it right after his correction but with persistence and encouragement I found I did have the ability to play and enjoy the play.

It is because of Neil's approach to teaching golf that I plan to continue learning and improving my game under Neil's guidance as long as he is a golf instructor at VGC." - Fawn