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Path To The Tour

How do players get to the next level?



Many players are ready to take their games to the next level but do not know what steps to take to achieve their goal. RGA Director Patrick McGuire and his team saw the need, developed the steps, and created the highly successful Path to the Tour.

The Path to the Tour began by choosing players who had the determination and the talent but needed more direction, mentoring and coaching.  Four players were chosen after going through combine format evaluations and achieving the highest scores in a categorized pillar program. Paul Peterson, Shane Smith, Sam Chien, and Hamza Amin were selected to participate in the very first Path to the Tour program. During training with Pat McGuire and his group of RGA professionals, they worked together as a team to reach their goal of obtaining their Tour cards. Each step of their three month journey was captured on film and ultimately lead to the creation of the Documentary, Path to the Tour.

Please watch our teaser below and contact us if you are interested in learning more about the program and starting your Path to the Tour.

Patrick McGuire - 703.930.7299.