Find Your Number

What's your PILLAR SCORE?

NEW Guaranteed Improvement Program for 2017!

Skill Evaluation ... Player Development … Improved Performance

If you want to get better, it’s time to stop worrying about your USGA Handicap, or the “history” of your game.  It’s time to focus on your ability to perform today and in the future and not a number that reflects on how you performed in the past!

Through measurement, not just observation and guesswork, we can prioritize the skills a player should focus on to perform better on the course.

It’s time to “Find Your Number” with a Certified Performance Coach!

Our Performance Coaching system identifies, quantifies, and improves player development issues by measuring a player’s specific skill ability in ten areas (pillars), through evaluation and data collection.  

The ten pillars are Putting, Short Game, Full Swing, Process, Mental, Equipment, Nutrition, Fitness, Course Management, and Wedging.

The results of these measurements provide a “number”, or Pillar Score that is a true reflection of the current state of the player’s game and immediately identifies the areas to prioritize in the development and execution of their unique game improvement plan.

Through this system, we are able to provide

  • A Pillar Score that represents the player’s overall skill level,
  • Pillar Scores that identify the strongest and weakest areas of a players’ game, and
  • Areas for improvement within each Pillar

So, if you still want to focus on your handicap index,we can guarantee your handicap will get lower if your Pillar Scores improve.

Find Your Number - Performance Package:  $800

  • Your Choice of 1 of 3 performance Pillars to improve your game.
  • Choose from one of the following: Putting, Short Game or Swing
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