Patrick McGuire

Director, Raspberry Golf Academy • (703) 930-7299 • Emailpatedit

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Philosophy: Test, measure, then fix!  Put everything through the process and create better ways for people to learn, practice and enjoy the game.

Areas of Expertise: Biomechanics, modern and classic swings, swing theory, kinesiology, 3-dimensional swing mechanics, 2-dimensional video, fitness for golf, flexibility, mobility, stability, swing correction, short game, putting, course management, ball flight, shot shaping, club fitting and the power game.

Biography: Patrick’s entrance to golf began under his college golf coach, the mid-Atlantic education chair Rick Miller. After a two-year apprenticeship under Rick, Patrick began his education, development and career in teaching and retail sales. Patrick was able to work with and under 5 top 100 instructors and for the second largest golf school in the country. Patrick has co-owned a retail business and is the founder of the Raspberry Golf Academy, which currently operates out of seven locations in two states.

Patrick join the Raspberry Golf Management team in the 2008 season with the introduction of the Raspberry Golf Academy, which has become the premier teaching and training brand in the metro Area. RGA is an innovative revenue stream for facilities operated by RGM.

Lesson packages require an initial evaluation.  To schedule an evaluation appointment, email

• High school players - $750   (Evaluates 3-5 pillars)
• College players - $1000   (Evaluates 5-7 pillars)
• Professional players - $1500   (Evaluates 10 pillars)

• 2 hours - $250

Performance programs:
• 6 hours a month - $750 per month
(minimum 3 month commitment)

Custom programs available.