Lisa Deel

Senior Staff Instructor • (703) 606-6065 • Emaildeeledit

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  • All golfers are unique in their abilities, experiences, goals and understandings of the golf swing
  • A lesson can and should be tailored to each students needs using various teaching models and drills
  • By developing a better understanding of the “whys” and “what’s” of the golf swing, the student develops a better sense of the swing feel and the ability to take the improvement from the lesson tee to the golf course.
  • The Golf Swing:  Understand it….. Improve it…..Enjoy it…!!

Skills and Training:

  • Certified club fitter for Cobra, Titleist, PING manufactures.
  • Vector launch monitor, Swing View Pro, LPGA National Education Programs I & II
  • Club Champion: River Creek CC Leesburg, VA. Belmont CC  Ashburn, VA
  • Best Golf Round: 70- Belmont CC
  • Holes-in –One: 2


  • "Lisa is the single best coach with whom I have had the pleasure of working over a lifetime of playing sports and I recommend Lisa to anyone, at any level, looking to improve his/her game.  She is dedicated, highly creative in finding ways to help her students use their own athletic abilities to become better golfers and designs drills that work without requiring an overwhelming amount of time on the range.  Results speak louder than words so... I was a 14.9 when I took my first lesson in late March, a 10.7 by June 1st and would be a 9.8 if my index was calculated today, six weeks after my last lesson with Lisa in early July..."  -- Ralph B.
  • "I just wanted to tell you that after my lesson today, I played 9 holes at my course and I did extremely well!  I was even hitting my driver over 150 yds." - Hannah , Jr. Golfer
  • "I applied some of the lessons from yesterday to the putting green and suddenly I felt like Tiger Woods.  I was able to stay true to the new swing keys throughout the round and I have growing confidence that it's going to make a dramatic difference" - Dave A.
  • "Lisa, thanks for everything this year.  You really helped my game... more than anyone else ever has." - George B.
  • "Thank you for all your help with my game.  I did win my
  • flight of the WGA "Match Play" thi year, and won my flight of the "Club Championship".  Yeah, all thanks to you!!" - Karen F.
  • "You are a part of our golf family so I want you to hear this from me.  this is why I brag about Raspberry Falls and Golf Academy to people.  You guys are good and are terrific with the kids. " - Tom F.