James Parker

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With over 18,000 lessons conducted to date in England and the US, James brings a wealth of knowledge and instruction to The Raspberry Golf Academy. His mission is to help develop golfers of all levels with the direction they need to play their best and achieve their goals.

James’s teaching philosophy focuses on measurable differences between skill level and laying out a systematic approach that’s designed for the individual and their patterns. The golf swing is learned like any other motor program. The golfer first has to understand the fundamental tasks. Once the tasks are understood then the basic movements can be defined, learned and performed. From there we can progress into a system based around those tasks and patterns that the golfer must improve.

Every golfer is built different, has different patterns and swing characteristics that are unique, but they all play golf by the same laws of physics and geometry that govern the game. Having a system that organizes a golfers progression, shows them how to diagnose their own problems and simplifies the game for them.

Why a System?

Systems are used every day in every industry. Lawyers use systems to win cases. Doctors use a system to diagnose and treat patients. Manufacturers use systems in all parts of the production cycle. Libraries use the dewy decimal system to organize and classify books. Systems to classify, organize, diagnose, and treat are part of everyday life.

With golf instruction different layers of complexity are required when teaching golfers of different skill levels and traits. A system is required to have the flexibility to give a multi-faceted answer to a student. It gives me the ability to break down  the game into a few words for beginner or a lengthy response to a low handicap player or pro. It’s also required for the student to walk away from the lesson with an understanding and the ability to diagnose and treat their own faults.

So the question is…
would you ever consider taking lessons from someone who doesn’t have a system or organized approach?..


James grew up in the west midlands part of England about 20 minutes away from the Belfry. He got down to scratch handicap, won his club championship, and while an assistant Pro going through his PGA training came close to winning the British Assistant Professionals C’Ship. After completing his PGA qualification he played competitively for a season on the PGA Europro Tour before eventually accepting a position under Top 100 Instructor Mitchell Spearman in Surrey just outside London. In 2008 James then moved to Chicago helping to build and grow Spearman’s Academy before eventually founding his own Online Academy and finding his niche in teaching a Modern Swing. He has worked with other world renowned coaches including Mike Bennett, Andy Plummer, Brady Riggs, Brian Manzella plus many more. James has also been influenced by other books and videos by Eddie Merrins (The Little Pro), Homer Kelley, Mac O Grady and now proudly associated with Pat McGuire and The Raspberry Golf Academy. He still plays the game to high standard having qualified for US Open Final Qualifying twice and is constantly trying to beat his low round of 63 (-9).

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