Jaime Gylan

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Philosophy: The reason all golfers need instructors is because the game is so difficult and the golf swing is so complex.  As a teacher it is my job to decipher the complexities of your golf game and relay it to you in a way you will be able to understand and apply.  To become a great golfer you need to excel in all parts of the game.  I enjoy the challenge of working with you on your weaknesses to make you a better overall player.  Playing beyond what you thought you were capable of is fun.  You know what else if fun?  Seeing yourself get better.  That's what I love the most about teaching.  I believe all golfers have the potential to get better.  I believe together we can fulfill that potential.


  • Started playing golf at age 12
  • Become one of Maryland's top junior golfers
  • '97 Earned a Scholarship to Towson University to play golf
  • '98 Transferred to University of Houston on a golf scholarship
  • '01 Went to McNally School of Music to study Guitar and Vocal Performance
  • '03 Moved to New York City as a Professional Musician with the band The Deep End
  • '08 Returned to golf and took a job as Assistant Professional at Piney Branch Golf Club

Playing Achievements:

  • 1997 - Shot a course record 28 in high school match
  • 1997/98 - Towson University Athlete of the Year
  • 1998 -  U.S. Amateur contestant at Oak Hill C.C.
  • 1998-00 - Played golf for the University of Houston
  • 2009 - Won the Northern Chapter Pro Assistant
  • 2010 - Won the APA Match Play Championship
  • 2010 - Low Professional at the Salisbury Open
  • 2010 - APA Player of the Year Runner Up
  • 2010 - 14 Top Ten Professional Finishes
  • Course Records: 2
  • Holes in One: 3
  • Low Tournament Round: 64 - Cattail Creek

Student Results:

  • 96% of students lowered their handicaps in 2010
  • 25+ students lowered their handicaps by 3+ strokes in 2010
  • 1 USGA Mid Amateur contestant
  • 3 Maryland Amateur Titles
  • 1 Student passed the PGA Playing Ability Test and turned Pro
  • 1 State high school title


"I've used several different pros and teachers over the years and, without any serious doubt, I've made the most improvement in  my swing and in my game with Jaime.  Not only are my improved fundamentals easily apparent to me and all of my regular playing partners, but I have much better understanding of my swing and what causes the results I see, both good and bad.  I began seeing Jaime regularly towards the beginning of this past season and will continue to as long as I can.  It's been a great experience."  -- L. Perez

"As a new member at Piney Branch, and relatively new layer to the game of golf, I ended the 2009 golf season with a 20-handicap.  I decided to invest some time to improving mygame and a first step in that journey was to get some golfing lessons.  Jaime evaluted my swing and began an instructional program starting at the very basic level.  Over the course of the winter Jaime coached me on everything from grip - to footwork - to the right mental confidence, and we awaited the spring golfing season to see how things would go.  By the end of 2010 season we had lowered my handicap by 13.  Jaime is a patient teacher, and with me it took a lot of patience, and will only introduce new fundamentals when he is confident that there has been sufficient development and it is time to move forward.  I have challenged Jaime again this year to help me on my road to improving an we hae started lessons just this pas weekend.  Thanks Jaime! -- B. Biemiller

"Jaime is an outstanding teacher.  He fine tuned my game by suggesting several adjustments through his video lessons and watchful eye on the range.  His playing lessons were extremely helpful as he brought all of his lessons together and blended in the mental aspect of the game.  Over the season, my handicap went from a 13 down to a 9.  Now, he is teaching wiht my 16 year old daughter and in a very short amount of time, she has made great progress" -- L. Maranto

"A true professional instructor, Jaime uses his calm demeanor and listening skills coupled with his knowledge of the golf mechanics and swing to make the learning experience easy to understand and follow.  His use of training aids to reinforce the suggested changes in the gold swing are a plus."  - B. Hoffman