Apprentice Rates

The following rates are based on an Apprentice level instructor.  This instructor is new to the instruction of golf and is under close supervision by our senior staff.  Please see the standard rates below. All schools are contingent on a minimum of 2 participants per class.

Adult Private Instruction  
One Hour Evalution/Lesson  $90
30 Minute Lesson $50
Young Adult Ages 19-23 (one-hour lesson) $65
Young Adult Ages 19-23 (30 minute lesson) $40
Adult Series of 3 $225
Club Fitting  
Club Fitting (per hour) $75
Junior Private Rates  
Ages 9 and under Series of 5 (30 minute lessons) $175
Ages 10-13 Series of 5 (30 minute lessons) $200
Ages 14-18 (30 minute/one hour lessons) $30/$60