David MacKenzie

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david mackenzie

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David MacKenzie has been coaching golfers of all ages and levels from beginner to Tour pro for more than 15 years.

Originally from England, David attended the University of St. Andrews in Scotland where he competed on the golf team. Since then, David has dedicated himself to developing a holistic approach to golf coaching which includes the physical, technical, mental and emotional aspects of the game.

His philosophy on the golf swing is simple yet effective. His students learn how to build confidence in their game through:

Simple swing thoughts
A solid pre-shot routine
Visualization and feel
Mental and Emotional control
Course strategy
Effective practice

In addition to teaching at Virginia Golf Center, David runs his golf coaching website, Golf State of Mind ( He has also written several books about how to implement his unique approach to the game.

Lesson rates:

One hour = $125
30 mins = $70
5 x 30 min = $275
5 x 45 min = $395
5 x 1 hour = $500
Junior 30 min = $50
Junior 5 x 30 min = $225
2 junior students 5 x 30 min = $308