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The Game has changed. Time to change with it.



 I am Patrick McGuire, the Founder and Director of Raspberry Golf Academy. For the past twenty years, I have been coaching, teaching and instructing thousands of players in the DC Metro and greater Phoenix areas. I have helped many players from their golfing beginnings become playing and coaching professionals.

  • 13 students earn and keep Tour Cards on all major golf tours across the world
  • 9 students win individual VA State High School Championships and multiple students win Regional and District titles
  • $4,000,000+ earned in college tuition for RGA students
  • 25 players win Club Championships at private clubs
  • 29 PGA/LPGA professionals learn to teach and become elite coaches

Since being home from coaching on Tour for the longest period in the last six years (January 12th to today), I have been reminded of the enjoyment I get from teaching non-professional players. My vision has always been to help lower the national handicap, which is why I started RGA and hired and trained multiple LPGA and PGA members to learn the art of teaching. With the recent focus on safety and health, I want to go back to helping the general public learn in a safe comfortable environment.

For the foreseeable future, I have decided to limit my time traveling on Tour to teach more from home. I will be taking on new students and reconnecting with old students at Virginia Golf Center and Raspberry Falls Golf and Hunt Club. We have unique programs for students of all levels that I am excited to open up to new players.

Path to the Tour Program
We currently have a group of talented young players (ages 12-24) that I continue to develop on Tour, college and high national levels. These players are on our program Path to the Tour (PTT). We are evaluating players for entrance into the PTT program, but numbers are limited. If you or someone you know is seeking to play on Tour or for a ranked Division 1 NCAA school, please reach out to me to schedule an evaluation.

Performance Elite Training
Performance Elite Training is for players who are not pursuing professional golf but looking to play at a state, regional or national amateur level. The RGA Performance Elite Training team consists of coaches who use their specialized expertise and the latest technology to get players prepared for elite competition. We will be taking on 4-8 players in this program.

Breaking 100, 90, 80
This program is designed to help recreational players navigate all aspects of the game from basic to competitive club level. I introduce my Pillar program at this level which focuses on specific skills to improve scoring. Pillars include putting, short game, wedging, approach shots, driving, swing mechanics, process, practicing, mental, fitness, nutrition, equipment. We use a team approach for this program and have specialized coaches assist on individual pillars. I am confident we will have you breaking 100, 90, or 80.

Beginner Golfers
Last but not least, we are seeking a limited number of beginners to follow my program for learning the game and becoming a golfer in 30, 60, or 90 days. We are offering individual and group (limited in size for safety) lessons working with myself and the RGA staff.

I look forward to meeting and helping new players. All new students must schedule an initial evaluation so I can understand your goals and put you on the right track. You will be on your way to learning what top golfers have discovered with RGA.