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Is performance coaching for you? Patrick McGuire explains the best way to get better faster.

pateditPerformance Coaching vs Traditional Coaching vs “Quick Fix” Coaching

Traditional Coaching generally focuses on the mechanical causes and effects of a player’s shots, good or bad, and works for many players.  This style of coaching usually requires more time and repetition for players to gain confidence and improve. This style of coaching is a core belief, and will always be a part of our profession, and has produced results and multiple champions at every level of golf.  Lessons are often hourly based, and cover multiple criteria per session.

“Quick Fix” Coaching – Often, players who are working on the “effect”, vice the true “cause” of a shot, seek the “Quick Fix”, quick tip, or band-aid to solve their issue.  Tips such as “keep your head still,” “slow down,” “take it inside or outside,” and/or “you’re coming over the top” type discussions are designed to help a player feel better at that time, and “might” work for a short period of time, but generally do not get at the root cause of the real problem…a problem that is sure to re-appear. No real, long-term improvement comes from this style of learning or coaching, however a player may pick up awareness, which is certainly critical for improvement.  I believe this type learning and coaching is a great way to identify beliefs a player may possess.  Beliefs, however, can be useful, or very detrimental to their games.  This style of learning generally lacks structure and covers multiple things at once.

Performance Coaching specifically measures results from golf swings & shots, good or bad, and focuses more on how the brain interrupts what is physically happening.  It is process, mental and mechanics combined, which truly helps the player and coach get on the same page faster with respect to the “true cause” of an issue and the player’s belief system – the system most critical to execution and performance.  Performance Coaching uses the best from each style of coaching without being limited to positions or patterns to create awareness or change.  Lessons are more varied in length depending on the student and move quickly from learning to application.  This style of coaching focuses on a single issue at a time, to improve quickly and effectively.

I have designed several programs that focus on key performance factors and how to coach and learn faster.  The “Find Your Number” program is the first public offering of our performance programs.  My goal is to get people better and smarter about their game without taking years.  Through assessment, we assign a player a Number for their individual skills that more accurately reflect their current capability, as well as their potential for improvement.


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