Brian Heberer

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Philosophy: Simple is better. The golf swing can be an extremely complex motion, so when playing we need to make it as simple as possible. An athletic movement of the body will create a powerful and consistent golf swing. I use YOUR body type, flexibility, and strength to make the simplest and easiest to repeat motion. We need to design a swing to fit you, not fit you to a swing. If we can get your body in the right place, good things will happen.

Golf Influences: Jim Hardy, Shane LeBaron, Roger Tennyson, Pat McGuire, and Sean Foley

Background: Attended Wingate University on a Lacrosse Scholarship then trasnferred to Professional Golfers Career College and graduated in the spring of 2010. While attending PGCC, I studeied the golf swing under Sean LeBaron (Shane LeBaron Golf) and Roger Tennyson, PGA (Shane LeBaron Golf). I have been with Raspberry Golf Management since May 2010. I became a PGA Apprentice and turned pro in August 2010.


  • "I wasn't sure how well my decision to take golf lessons would turn out. Best decision, but better yet was my luck to get paired up with Brian Heberer. Brian's quiet confidence and reassuring professional tone quickly allowed me to start seeing results" -- M. Munoz