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The Raspberry Golf Academy is using the latest Golf Swing motion measurement technology on the market today. The 3D motion capture technology analyzes system designed by AMM and used at the top facilities in the world is now at our facility. Every aspect of the golf swing can now be measured, tested, and compared to the best in the world or one of the many databases we have. The output provides the clearest, science-based picture of the swings capabilities and limitations, and provides the information needed to improve physical performance, reduce the potential for injury and provide biofeedback.

This software developed by Greg Rose and the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) focuses on several key factors and delivers a comparative report to the world's best players at any position in the swing in real time with tables, charts and graphs to plot the course of correction.

Our product is a high-speed, full-body motion tracking system that uses small sensors, placed at the strategic points on your body to capture and record every movement you make during your swing. Once a swing is recorded the 3D software instantly calculates all the biomechanical motion parameters. Critical swing information such as the Kinematic Sequence is captured, which is a quantifiable measure of swing efficiency and it is one of the many sets of data that describes your personal swing technique.

Some of the 400+ plus areas we can now track and observe:
  • Pelvis sway, slide, life, thrust; pelvis and upper body rotations, x-factor, x-factor stretch
  • Upper body: forward and side bends
  • Wrist motion: cupping, bowing, radial and ulna deviations, rotations
  • Head movement: speeds - in, out, up, down, forward and back
  • Club dynamics
  • Sequencing: order and transitional timing
  • Acceleration and deceleration values
  • Swing faults, such as early extension, coming over the top, reverse spine angle, reverse pivot, flat shoulders and scooping
  • Timing, tempo and landmark posture positions: address, top-of-backswing, impact and finish, and positions halfway and scooping
  • Maximum speeds, speed gains between components of your body, peak timing and order

The TPI 3D analysis report identifies elements of technique that need to be addressed to hone skills and maximize performance. The report draws attention to precisely where changes are needed. Our biofeedback training methods quickly modify technique.

The 3D technology offers a cost effective way to evaluate your current technique and level of performance. It then assists in accelerating your journey to peak performance. To attend one of our FREE Business seminars in February 2010
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